Top 5 Commonly Used Epoxy Coatings for Floors

Epoxy Coatings for all homes and office have been getting popular owing to its quality and look. Most of the people use epoxy coatings for durability and affordability. There are many types of epoxy coatings that are available for a person to choose from. Out of many, there are five that are most commonly used worldwide.

Top 5 Common Epoxy Floors

Self-dispersing epoxy coatings: This type of flooring has great mechanical as well as anti-slip quality. Owing to these two major characteristics of the flooring, such type is used mainly in areas where heavy vehicles enter and exit or in areas where the use of liquid products is frequent.

Mortar Epoxy Coating: This one is the strongest of all making it highly durable and long lasting. Such flooring works as a base for some other flooring too. Moreover, industries that are heavy in nature use such coating for better performance for years. This saves money for frequent repairs.

Terrazzo Epoxy Coating: This coating has designs and patterns which make any building look elegant and beautiful. With designs of flowers, abstract patterns and historical designs, many people love such coating in the renovation of historical places and palaces. Mansion owners too like to have such coating on their property floors.

Water Based Epoxy Coating: Although not as durable and long lasting like the other epoxy coatings, this one works more like a primer giving a shiny coat to your existing floor. The transparent appearance makes the floors look gorgeous and attractive. The glossy finish is the unique selling point of this type of coating and despite it lacks in durability, it is applied by most people.

Solids Epoxy Coating: In an area where there is more traffic of people and machinery, this coating works like a charm. Despite constant stepping on such floors, the durability is unbeatable. Private jets, aeroplanes etc. stand comfortably on such floor coatings.

The maintenance of epoxy coating is simple and easy to follow. By following the four essential mantras of sweeping, washing, stain-removing and protecting from damage will help you keep your epoxy coating spick and span for years to come. No one can beat the look and the style it gives along with the commitment of durability. What depends on how much it lasts is the maintenance.

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