ghana travel for Australians and Melbourne

Thinking of visiting Ghana? One of the most beautiful places in the world! Filled with unique and vibrant wildlife with amazing trekking and canoeing attractions. Ghana CG is a blog dedicated to the tourism in Ghana for Australians and if you’re thinking to visit then you’ll want to know of the numerous attractions so that you can plan your travel.

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Latest Travel Articles

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Some easy Tips on Travel to Africa

Are you travelling to Africa on a trip or journey any time soon? well, here is an awesome video on tips to travel to Africa and what all you need to take care of. This tippy post has been shared by our sponsor modern cane furniture by Cobra Cane furniture Australia. Stay tuned for more...  They also[...]
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In flight essentials for your next trip

A quick tippy post on how to take care of yourself while on a trip or travelling overseas. Key stuff to be informed about. This post has been sponsored by DM Pest control Sydney. They offer bed bugs control and removal in Sydney and spider control as part of the pest control services. Stay tuned to [...]
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What you need to know before going to Ghana!

Ghana is becoming popular amongst tourists and travelers and has witnessed an increase in the tourist traffic. The greenery and the many attractions have made Ghana immensely popular. Many people also visit Ghana for work opportunities. If you are planning to visit Ghana, visit Ghana Travels. The bl[...]
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Holiday in Ghana 2015/2016

Some of us travel for work and study, while many of us, simply love travel, and for various reasons. Some like to meet new people and know their culture, some wish to taste different kinds of food, many of us are adventure freaks. Ghana, a west African country, offers you a unique combination of exo[...]
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What you need to know before going to Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful tourist destination in the African continent. Africa is perceived to be a poor country but at the same time its culturally diverse personality provides a rich experience to the travellers. Ghana as a tourist destination has many takers and there are travellers who propagate the [...]